CSE 202, Spring 2010
Algorithm Design and Analysis

Lecturer: Professor Fan Chung Graham   fan@ucsd.edu
                          TA: Alex Tsiatas                 atsiatas@cs.ucsd.edu
                          TA: Wenbo Zhao                 w3zhao@cs.ucsd.edu
Time & Place: Lectures M W 5-6:20pm Peterson Hall 102
                        Discussion Section Th 4-4:50pm Warren Lecture Hall 2111

Office Hours: Fan Chung Graham, APM 7101 W 2:30-3:30 pm.
                      Alex Tsiatas, EBU3B (CSE Building) B250A, T 12:00-1:30pm.
                      Wenbo Zhao, EBU3B (CSE Building) 4232, T 5:00-6:00pm.

This couses covers two main themes -- basic algorithms and some recent developments on Internet algorithms. Also see the Departmental CSE202 page.
The text book is Algorithm Design by J. Kleinberg and E. Tardos. Grading: 5 homework sets (20%), 1 midterm (30%) and 1 final (50%)
Homework: All homework assignments should be handed in class (before the lecture starts) at the specified due dates:
              Homework #1 (Wed. April 7)
              Homework #2 (Wed. April 21)
              Homework #3 (Mon. May 3)
              Homework #4 (Wed. May 19)
              Homework #5 (Wed. June 2)
      The midterm and final will include problems very similar to those in homework assignments.
      No late homework will be accepted.
      Due to the heavy load for our TA, not all of the homework problems will be graded.
      At least one problem from each set will be randomly chosen for grading.
      Only the best four scores out of five homework assigments will be taken into account.

Note that the exam scores depend on the efficiency of your algorithm. For example, if the best algorithm has running time O(log n) but your algorithm is O(n2), you will only get a very partial score.

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