CSE 141 -- Introduction to Computer Architecture

Spring 2008

Course Syllabus - Class Schedule - Assignments

Last updated:Friday, 30-May-2008 15:18:56 PDT


5/30/08 - Homework6 is posted (due on Jun/3).

5/23/08 - Homework5 is posted. The 2nd Midterm test will be returned to you on 5/27 before class.

5/14/08 – The due for homework 4 is 5/16 (Friday) and you can turn in your homework to kwangyoon’s mailbox at EBU3b (2nd floor, left to the copier)

5/7/08 - Homework4 is posted. Midterm test will be returned to you on 5/8 before class.

4/25/08 – Homework problems are based on the course textbook stated in this page. If you have the most recent revision of the textbook with “REVISED PRINTING” at the front cover, there are some differences in the problems. Thus, please check the information posted at the Assignments section.

4/24/08 - Secret numbers for the GradeSource are sent to all whom submitted HW#2. Anybody who doesn't receive an email from the GradeSource, please contact the TA.

4/23/08 - Additional TA office hour: 11:00-11:50am at EBU3b B260A

4/22/08 - Homework3 is updated (Due date is rescheduled to 04/29 and additional problems are added).

4/17/08 - Homework3 is posted.

4/10/08 - Homework2 is posted

4/5/08 - Homework1 is posted

4/2/08 - Welcome to the CSE 141!

Course Info

  • Instructor: Michael Taylor

    • Office: EBU3b 4110

  • Email:

  • Office Hours:

      • Place: EBU3b 4110

  • Times: Tu 11:30-12:20

  • Class Meetings:

    • Lecture:

      • Place: Peterson 102

  • Time: TuTh 12:30-2pm

    • Discussion Section:

      • Place: Peterson 103

  • Time: Monday 11:00-11:50am

  • TA: Kwangyoon Lee

    • Email:

  • Office Hours:

      • Place: EBU3b B260A

  • Time: Monday 01:00-02:00pm and Wednesday 10:00 -11:00am

  • Course Text:

    • "Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface",
      David A. Patterson & John L. Hennessy, 3rd Edition (c2005), Morgan Kaufmann

cell processor pipeline


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