CSE 127: Computer Security


Apr 1 Intro
Apr 3
Basic Cryptography I
Apr 8
Basic Cryptography II
Apr 10
Basic Crypto II continued
Apr 15
Class Cancelled
Apr 17
User authentication
Apr 22
Side Channels
Apr 24
Software Security I
Apr 29
Software Security II
May 1
Software Security III
May 6
Malware I: Viruses
May 8
Midterm. Here is a pointer to a sample midterm.

Midterm solutions.

May 13
Malware II: Worms/outbreak monitoring
May 15
Malware II (continued)
May 20
Class cancelled
May 22
Malware III: Bots, Spyware, Rootkits
May 27
Network Security Intro and DDoS
May 29
Denial of Service, Protocol Vulnerabilities
June 3
Anonymity and Data hiding
June 5
Spam and UCSD Research
June 9
Monday 3-5pm in EBU3B 4140: Albert Park does review for Final
June 10
Final! Here's a sample, although your final will undoudbtedly be completely different