Reading Gzipped Postscript Files

I initially had some problems reading the .ps.gz file formats in which Professor Goguen posted some of the readings. Here's some possible solutions if you're having similar problems.

First, extracting the gzip (.gz) archives.
I use winzip on my NT box to unzip these. On my mac I use the newest version of stuffit expander. Both are available on the 'net. If you're using a Unix box you're probably not having these problems.

Second, viewing and printing postscript (.ps) files.
I had a lot of problems getting my printer to recognize that the file I was sending it was a postscript file. It kept printing the .ps commands as text, not using them to format the document. There is probably an easier solution, but I ended up downloading GSview a program for printing and onscreen viewing of postscript files. There are versions for Windows(3.11,'95,'98, and NT ), Macintosh, and a whole bunch of Unix clones. The installation of this program is kind of complex, but it works very well. Please let me know if you want more info.

By Matt Ratto from his Discussion notes on an earlier version of CSE 171.

last modified 28 January 2000