paper evals for 5/16/2000

Aaras P VASA (
Tue, 16 May 2000 09:40:50 -0700 (PDT)

thank you sir for your help

implementing remote procedure calls

this paper describes remote procedure call facility and hopes
that RPC will make distributed computation easy

RPC is based on the concepts of stubs. the user stub ann server
stub make the remote call transparent from the view of the user
they are generated by Lupine and specified by use if interface
the problems associated with binding and suitable protocols
for the transfer of data and control are discussed.
binding consists of naming and locating the exporter.
grapevine database is used which also adds security.
simple calls are made as efficient as possible and exception
handling is also handled by RPC.

i think this was a great paper which set the basis for remote
procedure calls.the paper notes the fact that RPC is used in all
environments and this is important.special consideration is
given to bulk data transfer .
the idea of piggybacking was a good one to improve prformance.
the things which can be further developed would be how multiple
client requests can be handled and whether other general transport
protocols could be used.RPC might not perform as well as some
more complicated options but it is comparable and can serve to
develop some new distributed applications.