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Brian TAM (btam@cs.ucsd.edu)
Thu, 18 May 2000 07:58:15 -0700 (PDT)

"Lightweight Remote Procedure Call"

RPC systems incur high overhead for the most common type
of communication--between protection domains on the same
machine. This leads designers to put subsystems into the
same protection domain, trading safety for performance.
Lightweight Remote Procedure Call reduces the same-machine
communication overhead, encouraging safety and performance.
Basically, communication is optimized for the common case,
and true calls to remote servers are handled as regular RPC's.
This paper demonstrates the proportion of communications
which are truly remote, and that pass large or complex
parameters, thereby motivating optimizations on the predominant
type of procedure calls. LRPC design and implementation are
described, and performance compared favorably against regular
RPC operations on the same machine. This paper was better
written than some of the other papers we've read so far.

"Active Messages: a Mechanism for integrated Communication and Computation"

Contemporary large-scale multiprocessors tend to focus
on performance, which is not integrated efficiently with
network communications. An active message, control information
at the head of a message, is proposed as a means for effective
use of hardware and integration between the two architectures.
The result is reduced communication overhead without
sacrificing computation cost/performance.