O.S. Evaluations.

Kyriakos Lakkas (klakkas@cs.ucsd.edu)
Thu, 27 Apr 2000 02:24:18 -0700

Michael D. Schroeder, Andrew D. Birrell, and Roger M. Needham, "Experience
with Grapevine: The Growth of a Distributed System," ACM Transactions on
Computer Systems, 2(1), February 1984.

This paper presents "knowledge" gained from running a distributed system
that provided email service for an internet of computers. The authors
briefly present the structure of the system, before discussing their actual
experiences. The rest of the paper talks about the problem they encountered,
how the system adopted to them, what modifications they had to make and
finally what design time decisions where irreversibly wrong.

The authors do a good job in giving us an inside on the operation of the
system. Eventhough most of the times the solution they give looks a bit
simplistic, this is quite understandable; They were running an actually
working system, they had users complaining and they wanted a solution "on
the spot.

Eric Jul, Henry Levy, Norman Hutchinson, and Andrew Black. "Fine-Grained
Mobility in the Emerald System," ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, 6(1),
February 1988, pp. 109-133.

This paper describes an object-oriented programing lunguage that was
designed to support fast execution of distributed programs. The objective
was to get competitive performance for programs running locally on a node
and, in the same time, get standard remote execution performance. The rest
of the paper talks about the different aspects of this language, as well as
the trade-offs that the authors faced (as well as how they "balanced"

The paper goes into frustrating detail about the details of the details of
the language! No more comments!