CSE 190 Sp 2000 -- Lecture 7 -- April 25, 2000

See Assignment 2 for info.

During lecture we talked about shell variables and environment variables and the syntax for setting them from the sh and csh family of shells.

We also started into signal handling. signal used to be a system call, but is now a library routine on top of sigvec and sigaction. sigaction is the POSIX-specified system call. sigvec was a system call in 4.3BSD, and a compatibility library version is available to aid porting. Similarly, the library version of signal allows porting of old code and the use of a simpler interface when fine control of signal handling isn't needed.

Suggested files to look at: /usr/include/signal.h and other files that it in turn includes. This is the file that is included when you have #include <signal.h> in C source code. On Solaris 5.6, the numeric signal numbers are in /usr/include/sys/signal.h. For those of you who have Linux machines, they are in /usr/include/asm/signal.h.

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