CSE 190 Sp 2000 -- Lecture 16 -- May 25, 2000

Gave out assignment 4.

Talked about sed's model of line-at-a-time stream editing. Discussed some basic sed commands: s, d. Gave mail header/body extraction examples.

Talked about how sed scripts can be put into a file and ran as a command, e.g., a command to change all instances of geisel to seuss:

bash-2.03$ cat seussify 
#!/bin/sed -f
bash-2.03$ ./seussify < seussify  
#!/bin/sed -f

I briefly talked about the data types in perl, another common scripting language. It's richer than the shells in data types -- having scalars, arrays, and hashes -- but is a bit more cumbersome to use for process creation/control.

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