CSE 30 -- Lecture 1 -- Sep 30

Topics covered in class Handouts: class intro handout (This is a PostScript file; because there are no PostScript previewers on the uAPE machines yet due to an operating system upgrade this summer, you'll have to print this out), account slips, and the general uAPE handout. Note: the cheating policy has changed, and the handout is incorrect. See the class home page for the current policy.
To download the PostScript file to disk instead of trying to use ``ghostview'' to preview it (ghostview is not available right now), click on the Options menu of Netscape, select General Preferences, and click on the Helpers tab. Scroll down the list until you see application/postscript, click on that to select it, then click on the Edit... button. Change the handle by option to save to disk (instead of Application with command ghostview %s). You'll probably want to restore this back to Application when ghostview becomes available, or change it to pageview %s when that program becomes usable.

You should also preview the spim documentation. Unfortunately, until a PostScript previewer is installed, you'll either have to print the PostScript file out or preview it using the converted GIFs (do not print the GIF files -- it takes much longer to print the GIF files than the PostScript, and will unnecessarily will tie up the printers; if you must print, print the PostScript version:

You'll need to be able to easily preview it before a ``real'' assignment is given out, if a better way to view it isn't available, I'll see about dropping this off at a campus copy center.
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