CSE 127: Computer Security


Due date
HW #0 (handed out in class) Oct 6th (turn in online before class)
Proj #1 Nov 3rd (turn in online before class)
Project 3: Control flow

Download exploits and targets; QEMU environment; and Setup instructions.

Additional notes:
The assignments are randomized based on your student ID, please put you student ID and name in /targets/SID in the following format: STUDENT_ID Last name, First Name. The assignments should be generated automatically when you execute make on the command line.

The instructions linked to above are for more sploits than we have assigned. You can disregard any mention of sploits 4/5 in addition to Hint 4.

Special thanks to UCSD grad Stephen Checkoway, Assistant Professor University of Illinois, Chicago, for creating this assignment.

Nov 24th (turn in online before class)