CSE 123 Projects

Projects should be done individually. General instructions on using your ACMS account to login into your lab machines can be found in the Lab Instructions Manual.

There are two projects in CSE 123. Each project will be given 4 weeks time for submission.

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Topic Assigned Due Other Info
Project 1 - Sliding Window Protocol 10/10/2014 6 pm on 11/05/2014 Sample Test Cases
Run ./test.sh from the project's directory to execute the test cases.
This script may provide erroneous results occasionally. Don't be alarmed if your code fails some tests. It is only intended to be a guide to help you conduct basic checks on your sliding window protocol implementation. The rubric used for evaluation can be found here.
Project 2 - Router Implementation 11/14/2014 6 pm on 12/12/2014 Project idea's for the George Varghese Espresso prize can be found here