Keep in mind that the goal of Exec is to create a new process and
start it running.  StartProcess does this, so it serves as the example
by which you should implement Exec and you should start by copying the
code from StartProcess into Exec.

Next you should think about why Exec and StartProcess are different.
The main reason is that StartProcess is called by the thread ("main")
that is going to run the bootstrap program, whereas Exec is called by
the parent process (which is already running a program) to create a
new process.  So Exec needs to fork off a new thread (as in project 1)
to run the program in the process.

How do you run a program?  Well, StartProcess shows you how:
initialize the machine, and then make it Run.  However, StartProcess
can do this directly because the thread that is executing StartProcess
is the thread that is going to run the program.  If you do the same
thing in Exec, you will reinitialize the parent process to start at
the beginning (which is _not_ what you want to happen).  Remember, the
thread that is executing Exec is the parent, and the thread that is to
execute the new program is the thread that you create in Exec.  So you
need to arrange to have the new thread run the program, not the thread
that is executing in Exec.  So create a function (say it's called
ProcessStart) that does these steps (initialize the machine and then
invoke run on the machine).

And then what do you pass in to the Thread::Fork() call?  The function
ProcessStart that you created above.  As a result, the forked thread
will start by initialize the the machine state and making it run --
which then runs the program in the address space you have created and