CSE 141L -- Computer Architecture Lab

Fall 2013, Instructor: Dean Tullsen

Announcement -- we will be meeting the first day for lab (9 am).

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Basic Course Information:

  • Instructor: Dean Tullsen
  • TA: Raymond Paseman
  • TA: German Alfaro Ibarra
  • Meeting time and place
  • Course textbooks and tools
  • There is no textbook for the class, but you will find the CSE 141 textbook helpful in many ways during the lab.
  • Patterson & Hennessy, "Computer Organization and Design -- The Hardware/Software Interface", Morgan Kaufmann, Fourth Edition
  • You may also find some of these very helpful, especially the Processor Microarchitecture book:
  • Synthesis Lectures on Computer Architecture
  • The lab will utilize, for some of the lab assignments, the Altera Quartus II Web Edition tools. You can dowload a free version here. It should also be available in the lab.
  • Assignments:

    Piazza for class mailings and discussion boards

  • Everyone in the class is expected to be on Piazza. Please sign up (if not already) here: sign up, and access the course page here: course page.
  • Grading Information:



    Verilog Resources: (seriously needs to be updated)

    Verilog Overview/tutorial by Sat Garcia

    Verilog Fundamentals by Krste Asanovic at MIT

    Verilog Design Examples by Krste Asanovic at MIT (synthesis friendly)

    At some point, we will attempt to synthesize our circuits (e.g., to extract timing). These resources were selected because they should all be synthesis friendly. Many tutorials and verilog code available on the internet are not.

    Lab resources:

    If you have comments or suggestions, email me at tullsen at cs dot ucsd dot edu