Lecture Schedule

Oct 1 Administrivia and Course Overview. Concentration of Measure.
Oct 3 Concentration of Measure of Lipschitz Functions. Moment Generating Functions. Proof of Hoeffding's Inequality.
Oct 8 Finish Proof of Hoeffding's Inequality. The PAC Model. Concentration Notes
Oct 10 The PAC Model.
Oct 15 Occam's Razor. The Agnostic PAC Model. PAC Model Notes
Oct 17 Shattering and VC Dimension. Shattering and VC Notes
Oct 22 Uniform Convergence.
Oct 24 No lecture.
Oct 29 VC Lower Bounds. Boosting.
Oct 31 Boosting. Margins.
Nov 5 Online Learning. Mistake Bounds.
Nov 7 Online Learning. Percepton and Winnow.
Nov 12 No lecture. Veteran's Day Holiday.
Nov 14 Finish Winnow. Start with Hedge.
Nov 19 Finish Hedge. Online Bayes.
Nov 21 Multiarmed Bandits.
Nov 26
Nov 28 Project Presentations
Dec 3 No lecture
Dec 6 No lecture. NIPS