CSE 127: Computer Security


Sept 27 Intro and Overview
Oct 2
Security Principals

Go watch Johnny Long's No Tech Hacking talk.

Oct 4
Basic Cryptography I

Read Anderson's Security Engineering chapter on cryptogrpahy. Finish by next Tuesday.

Oct 9
No class
Oct 10 (discussion section)
Discussion slides
Oct 11
Asymmetric Crypto
Oct 15 (discussion section)
Discussion slides
Oct 16
Authenticaion and key distribution
Oct 18
Class cancelled
Oct 23
User authentication
Oct 25
Side Channels
OCt 30
Software Security I

Start reading Erlingsson et al's "Low-level Software Security by Example"

Optional, Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit by Aleph One.

Nov 1
Software Security II
Nov 5 (discussion section)
Discussion slides
Nov 6
Web Security I: SQL injection
Nov 8
Midterm today (sample midterm with solutions)

Midterm solutions here

Nov 13
Web Security II: XSS, CSRF
Nov 15
Physical Security

Read Anderson's Security Engineering v2 chapter on Physical Protection.

Nov 19 (discussion section)
Discussion slides
Nov 20
Malware I: Viruses
Nov 22
Thanksgiving Holiday. No class
Nov 26 (discussion section)
Discussion slides
Nov 27
Guest expert lecture on Voting Machines (Hovav Shacham)
Nov 29
Malware II: Worms and Botnets
Nov 3 (discussion section)
Discussion slides
Dec 4
Network security
Dec 6
Botnets and Internet criminology
Dec 14
Final (sample final with solutions)

Review topics and sample questions here and answers here