CSE 291:
Smartphone Processor Design


Prof. Michael B. Taylor
EBU 3B 3202 office


Dr. Jack Sampson
EBU 3B 3204 office

Class Meetings

Lecture Th 1:05p-3:50p McGill 23XX

Join and monitor this google group when it's up:

Office Hours

Prof Michael Taylor
when Immediately after class;
let me know if you plan to attend.
where On the way to my office
and then in my office (3202).
Dr. Jack Sampson
when Monday, 1-2pm
where EBU3B 3202


September 22Welcome to the class!
September 29Be sure to bring a hardcopy of the readings to class for discussion.
October 10MBT will have office hours Wednesdays 12-1p in 3202.
October 13As always,be sure to bring a hardcopy of the readings to class for discussion.
October 20Actual due date of your proposal.

Course Description

This graduate course examines the recent development of mobile application processors and examines the research issues that emerge from this fascinating domain.

Required Textbook

No required textbook. But you should aggressively seek out information, as discussed in class.


Class Participation 20% Important.
Weekly Project Updates 10% Get feedback from the class.
Project Proposal Report 20% Due Week 3.
Mid-point Project Presentation 10% To allow for mid-project "pivot".
Final Project Report 30% Write a DAC paper.
Final Project Presentation 10% Last day of class.
This is an advanced graduate class. I expect a high level of autonomy, self-reliance and work quality.


NOTE: Subject to skew and jitter. We reserve the right to change this -- and will change it frequently.

I will post the slides for some lectures. Since the slides contain material I am not allowed to distribute publically, they are only available from on campus or via the campus proxy. Instructions for setting up the proxy can be found here. Using the proxy is useful in general, since it gives you full access to the libraries and other resources from off campus. If you are a concurrent enrollment student, you will need to make a friend in the class (always a good idea) to access some of these materials.

Holiday: 2011-11-24
Thu, September 22 Overview,
Dark Silicon,
Mobile Chip Wars,
Project Topics Preview
Thu, September 29 Conservation Cores,
Tegra 2,
Read Conservation Cores, GreenDroid,Tegra 2, Qualcomm Snapdragon carefully.
Thu, October 06 Continued from last time.
Thu, October 13 Technology/JSSC. Stacked Mobile Prototype JSSC paper, and NEMS paper.
Thu, October 20 Read Atom JSSC paper, Through-Silicon Via Papers W1 Project Discussions; Project Proposal Due
Thu, October 27 Kal-El, Samsung Exynos 4210, Qualcomm Krait. W2 Project Discussions
Thu, November 03 W3 Project Discussions
Thu, November 10 AMD Fusion W4 Project Discussions
Thu, November 17 Submit your DAC abstract! W5 Project Discussions
Thu, December 01 Final Presentations DAC paper deadline: Dec 6, 2011.


Project Proposal: Due October 20th

Your project proposal should take the following form:
In total, your project proposal should be 8-12 pages, excluding references, in 9pt font. Please submit your proposal as a pdf. Latex strongly recommended.