You can demonstrate to any of the TAs during their office hours. However, the following differences apply:

-Gopi (me) will hold lab hours at CSE 3219 lab. You can bring your own boards in (recommended) to program. We will have Quartus II installed on couple other computers for your use along with the DE2 board. You can demonstrate to me also. We also have one DE1 board that someone can use to program and demonstrate their project. However, it's still recommended that you bring your own boards.

-You can also demonstrate to the other TAs (Shams, Vikram) during their office hours. In this case bring your own board to program.


The report should be submitted via webct by the due date. The report should be a word document with each part in its own section. Each section will have the relevent schematics, simulations, and answer to the questions.