Leading Class Discussions on Papers

You should be prepared to lead a discussion on the following general questions: You should prepare a presentation or a short summary handout in advance. If you prepare a talk, aim for 6-10 slides. Some pointers on slide presentations: Some pointers on giving talks: You can consult other papers that might be interesting to use as background or for contrast, if you wish, but this isn't required.
You should aim for a total of 20 minutes, perhaps 15 minutes being your presentation and leading discussion, with 5 minutes for class participation. You should not assume that class members have read the paper in detail. You can also pick out relevant important sections of each paper with regard to the above that could be referred to during class discussion.

Taking Part in Class Discussions

Everyone should be reading the papers assigned for that day in advance. You are not expected to understand the details of the papers, but are expected to try to get a good overall sense of each paper. While you are reading each paper, you should develop at least one question or point relevant for discussion of the paper.

Writing Weekly Reviews of Papers

Each week, you will write a short review about one aspect of one paper assigned that week. (You needn't write a review the week you present your paper.) You should pick a topic that intrigued you or made you think, and that can be discussed in class when we discuss the paper. It should be at most 1 page in length. Possible topics are as follows, but feel free to choose others.

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updated: October 21, 2005