CSE 121 Fa 2000 -- Lecture 3 -- Sep 28, 2000

The FreeBSD kernel sources are now in /home/solaris/ieng9/cs121f/public/freebsd/src/sys/ and a TAGS file is there, and it works well with emacs. Apparently vim has trouble with that file, so a CTAGS file (generated by the ctags program instead of etags) is also in the sys directory. vim works okay with it.

Things to explore:

  1. You should familiarize yourself with using the TAGS file to find kernel symbols.
  2. find hardclock and see what it's doing.
  3. figure out what is going on in the code in kern_synch.c's mi_switch:
    	rlim->rlim_cur += 5;
    what does it do? what purpose does it serve?
Topics covered in today's lecture:
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