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turnin - setting up accounts for instructors who use turnin(1L) and project(1L)


Turnin(1L) aids instructors in the collecting of assignments from students. To use turnin, the instructor must run the command

       project -i

which will interactively prompt the instructor for more information about the course in question. This will result in creating the necessary directory structure, and sending email to the superuser notifying her that the instructor wishes to use turnin and supplying the data to be added to a configuration file.

Students in turn should modify their .login/.profile/.cshrc files to set up an appropriate environment variable defining the course and possibly the quiz section they are in. The variable is called ``SUB_course'', where course is the course that the student is enrolled in. This environment variable is set to the student's division or section to allow for large courses to be managed effectively. If the course have no sections, the variable should be just set without assigning any value. For example the command:

       setenv SUB_cse142 AC

might be used to put a given user's files into the AC section for cse142 (this command would be in the user's generated .login). One alternative is to create an alias, e.g., turnin143 as `turnin -c cse142=AC', which is particularly useful for a student using turnin for more than one class. Another alternative is to just type in the name of the course when prompted by turnin to do so.

The project command maintains a directory hierarchy which turnin(1) will modify to submit files for a student. This directory tree is rooted at the name given to the project command when it was run with the -i option and must be world readable. The default name for the root of this tree is `submit' in the instructor's home directory.

Here is a sample directory layout:

       % cd ~/submit

      % ls -aF

      ./     ../    .lock  Projlist      1/     2/

      % ls -aF ./1

      ./     ../    AA/    AB/

      % ls -aF ./1/AA

      ./     ../    dsg    ksb    mjb    mjs

At the top level there are 3 types of entries: a lock file (`.lock') which is flock(2)'d when project is running, a database file (`Projlist') which contains the status information on the current projects, and a directory for each active project.

Each active project directory contains a subdirectory for each division or section of the course. Each of these, in turn, contains one tar(1) file for each login name that has submitted files for this project.  


A student may change sections (or divisions) by changing an environment variable. This generally leads to a grader not getting a submission from the student.  


Kevin S Braunsdorf, PUCC (, pur-ee!ksb, purdue!ksb)  


project(1), turnin(1), tar(1),




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