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turnin - electronically submit files for grading  


turnin [-hilsvV] [-ccourse[=section]] [-pproject] files


Turnin reads each of files in sequence and copies it to the directory designated by the course's instructor. If the file being read is a directory, turnin will recursively copy the entire contents of the directory.

In order for turnin the instructor must have submissions turned on, see project(1).

Any previous submissions for the current project are overwritten.  


-c course[=section]
Specify the course. Must be used if the student is in more than one course that uses turnin to collect assignments. The student is prompted for the course if they are enrolled in more than one and this option isn't used. The student is prompted for the section if more than one exists for the course and none is provided.
Outputs a terse usage message.
In this case turnin doesn't actually submit any files. Any files given are taken to be course names for which to produce envrironment settings. When no files are given, turnin prompts the user to list all the courses they are currently enrolled in. The shell commands output on stdout are appropriate to the users SHELL environment variable.
Lists the projects for the specified class. Projects open for submissions and ones closed to submissions are listed.
-p project
Submit files to the specified project.
Lists the classes that the student is enrolled in.
Turnin displays a `tar tvf' of the submitted files when this option is specified (either with or without submitting any files).
Show the RCS Id for this version of turnin.


turnin -c cse142 factorial.p
Submit the file ``factorial.p'' to the instructor for cse142.
turnin -v Makefile tour.c passport.c
Submit three files to the default course (or prompt for the course to submit to) then display a list of the submitted files.
turnin -v
Display a list of the files this user most recently submitted (for the default project).
turnin -v -p project1-late
Display a list of the files this user most recently submitted for ``project1-late''.
turnin -i cse142 >>.login
Add a csh(1) command to the users .login to set the users section for cse142.
turnin -V
turnin: $Id: turnin.c,v 5.0 90/06/22 11:43:02 ksb Exp $


csh(1), project(1), sh(1), tar(1)




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