CSE 120 -- Homework #3

Out: 11/7/00
In: 11/14/00

  1. [Silberschatz] Many CPU scheduling algorithms are parameterized. For example, the RR algorithm requires a parameter to indicate the time slice. Multilevel feedback queues require parameters to definte the number of queues, the scheduling algorithms for each queue, the criteria used to move processes between queues, etc. These algorithms are thus really sets of algorithms (e.g., the set of RR algorithms for all time slices, etc.). One set of algorithms may include another (in lecture, we talked about using Priority Scheduling to implement SJF). What, if any, relation holds between the following pair of algorithms?

  2. Chapter 11, Section 11.13: 11.8, 11.10, 11.24

  3. Chapter 12, Section 12.16: 12.12, 12.13, 12.20