Faculty Research Seminar

The purpose of the faculty research seminar is to provide a quick overview of the research being conducted in the department. This is especially important for new graduate students who are as yet undecided about the area of research they want to work in.

Seminar Schedule

Faculty Research Seminar Schedule. The talks are always in AP&M 4301, 4pm-5:20pm
10/6Bennet YeeClass Intro Meeting / Building a realistic, secure mobile agent system
10/13Dean Tullsen Research in CPU architecture
10/20Keith Marzullo Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems Unmasked
10/27Fran Berman Real World Scheduling
11/3CK Cheng Research in Physical Layout for VLSI Designs
11/10Rik Belew Computational Biology and (its evil twin) Artificial Life
11/17Gary Cottrell DEANNA: Discriminating Emotions with Artificial Neural Network Architectures.
11/24Reagan Moore Information Based Computing: Persistent Archives, Data Grids, Digital Libraries, and application of the technology to scientific data collection creation.
12/1 Charles Elkan Towards Self-Financing Research: Discovering Financial Trading Strategies
12/8 Andrew Chien MicroGrid: Tools for Scientific Study of Computational Grids

Bennet is coordinating the seminar this year. If you have any questions, please feel free to send email or drop by!
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